Individual therapy

roka1We all want to live happy, healthy and satisfied lives and enjoy good relationships in a family filled with understanding, happiness and joy. Unfortunately, this mostly happens only in films with happy endings. Reality is a different matter, not because we are not capable of being happy, healthy and satisfied, but because life often puts us to the test and we lose our way.

When in trouble, we are not aware that a test can also be an opportunity for personal growth. All we feel is distress and despair which leaves us isolated and without support. Sometimes even our loved ones are unable to find any helpful words of comfort and encouragement.

A person who is not emotionally involved in a situation can see the distress, sadness and longing from a different point of view. One-on-one therapy is limited to interaction between the therapist and the individual. It is about building a relationship which is safe and creating an atmosphere which is based on trust and allows all underlying emotions to surface. It is important to develop an awareness that we are okay as we are and that all we lack are the skills to manage certain situations and our response to them. We fail to understand why we always react in a certain way and get trapped in similar relationships.

Therapy does not guarantee a "happy ever after", but it helps individuals to understand themselves and others better and find relief, making relationships easier to handle and life easier to live.

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