Couples therapy

Roke dveWherever we are, work and live, we engage in relationships, because they are the basis for our survival and a happy and a fulfilled life. Despite the promise offered by relationships they are also a place where we face the greatest conflicts, pain and difficult times.

When we fall in love, everything is simple. The conversations, intimacy and longing…

Often, all this begins to fade over the years spent together. The conversations center on the children, time management and work. Closeness is replaced by withdrawal, accusations or simply emptiness, and the longing seems to be long gone. What happened to the promise you made to each other to always stay together for better or for worse and to share everything you feel? Sometimes it takes so little to get back together, and yet so little to drift apart again.

No relationship should be taken for granted. It takes an effort to have intimacy, dialogue and growth in a relationship. If all this is lost, therapy can help.
Couples in therapy have joint sessions with the therapist, where the partners work both individually and together, on themselves and on their relationship. This is because a relationship cannot survive if we lose ourselves. When both partners show their vulnerability, they can rediscover that familiar space where there is no shame in sincerity, in admitting they miss and want to be with each other, and find it too hard to live in solitude.

The time invested in therapy will reflect on the relationship and the atmosphere created can be transferred into the daily life of the couple.

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