About us

srcd terapevti"Študijsko-raziskovalni center za družino" (The Family Study and Research Centre) is a private institute based in Ljubljana, specializing in family and couple therapy, conflict resolution, counselling, training, research and social projects.

The mission of the centre’s is to enable individuals and groups to connect with their past experiences and make it easier for them to live a creative and fulfilled life in the present. With its work, publications and appearances in the media, the centre strives to help build a culture of safe and affectionate bonds between parents and children, an atmosphere of friendship between spouses or partners and a more tolerant and genuine social climate in Slovenia.

Years of studying interpersonal relationships has allowed us to understand how deeply embedded past experiences are in the human consciousness and perception and how rarely we react to the world around us in a way that really matches what we want to tell others about ourselves and what we wish to create or change with them. As a result, relationships become a place of avoidance, conflict and violence instead of becoming a place of cooperation and mutual support. Relationships can be a source of suffering and yet we can only find personal affirmation and fulfilment through sincere relationships.

The path to better relationships can be paved in any environment, as emotions connect people regardless of physical distance, ideology, gender, nationality and religion. In the recent years, the employees of the institute has been involved in numerous research and social projects. The most important of these are the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities program "Therapeutic Assistance in Emotional, Physical and Sexual Violence" (Terapevtska pomoč pri čustvenem, fizičnem in spolnem nasilju) and the project "Key to Social Inclusion" (Ključ do socialne vključenosti).